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I'm of the opinion that you leave the squad numierbng off, but it's not quite that easy of a call to make.Pros:1.) Squad markings look cool and show that you've really put some effort into your army.2.) Squad markings allow for easy determination of squad casualties when a multi-unit assault occurs.Cons:1.) It's a pain to paint them and it takes longer to complete your units.2.) It restricts your choices unless you paint up alternates as described in your post.3.) Much harder to determine what's going on in a big hand-to-hand combat mosh pit.So I guess Time / Money / Flexibility trump Looks Cool / Game Clarity.As a comparison with the way Marines are painted, you HAVE to put on the squad tactical markings. Since you rarely use all six tac squads in a game you can pick whichever special / heavy combos you want for any given battle just by selecting individual squads, assuming you've built a good mix of options. With IG you are probably using all your infantry in every game, so you don't have the choose what you want Marine luxury.When building IG you can build up a bunch of six-man special weapon teams that you won't necessarily use in every game and swap those weapons around in your squads and command. That plan requires no markings as well though and doesn't address the heavy weapon aspect of this issue.Tough decision: paint a boatload of extra guys and use squad markings, or don't. I'm in the don't camp. As a warm fuzzy: you can always change your mind and paint the markings on later if you find you really need them, but you can get a bunch of games under your belt and see how you like no markings first.

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