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Michael, I share your outrage, and maybe that's not such a good thing (as Dorothy once pointed out), but it’s hard not to be. I’m finding Girard everywhere I look these days: between my toddlers, in cartoons, and even on my cereal box. With that preoccupation, here's why I think the American sense of justice slumbers:

Bush has authorized torture, held American citizens without trial or charges, and publicly admitted to violating FISA by having the NSA spy on citizens without warrant. Frontline did a series (http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/darkside/) on the manufacturing of evidence that was refuted by no one. California and Illinois have introduced bills to their legislatures for impeachment, but five or six bills preliminary to impeachment (just demanding information) have been stuck in republican-controlled committees since 2005. Yet, President Clinton was impeached in the House for denying he had consensual sex. Why the difference?

President Clinton was most definitely a Washington outsider; envy drove the attack on Clinton which we know is a much more potent fuel for hate than the mere deceit and violence perpetrated by Bush, a Washington insider. While the Congress was moving to impeach Clinton, fully 60-70% of the people (who embraced Clinton as their own insider) didn't want that. But Bushco recognized this dynamic early and prepared, which is why they pushed hard to make Bush "one of the guys" throughout the elections (love those Will Ferrell parodies). Make him an insider with every group and envy does not become a factor. So, the people are conflicted. They don't like what he's doing but they think he's a nice guy with good intentions--you know, like them. You wonder if those wily republicans have been reading Girard.

Now, the republican machinery has framed the war such that it’s the sacrifice itself, not any cause, that has given the war value. The blood spilled has created its own cause and washed clean their lies. My God, it's diabolical. Truly.

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