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Truly unbelievable. Makes me wonder how this man got in office, and I often hear liberals accusing the American working class and evangelicals are responsible for all those red states shouting "safety through conformity," and it may, indeed, be the long tradition of ignorance and bloodlust as Jane Smiley thinks (http://www.slate.com/id/2109218/), but it may be the even longer tradition of the neo-Haves wanting to keep what they have. And who are these neo-Haves, who are also neocons? They are baby boomers. How in the world did people trying to live the slogan "make love not war" end up with this?

I admit I'm genX, which means I don't have a clue what I'm talking about. I read a book about these bourgeois bohemians (bobos) suggesting a lifestyle identifying with the proletariat of past ages while remaining carefully distant from the current one--you know, "A $3.50 latte is by no means a luxury, and I’m really a friend to my slum-living nanny." Bobos remain "safely and profitably dishonest." In other words, hypocrisy begins with us and has only been distilled within the residence on Pennsylvania Avenue. (But whatever you do, do NOT confuse these bobos, who only spouted the words "make love not war" with bonobos, which most certainly live that motto, and are undoubtedly God's little whisper to us about what he really intended for the world.)

As Alison says in that wonderful article Nancy mentioned, "It is one thing to discover the value of something because someone else has it, and then, in order to acquire it for oneself and become the only person to have it, to deprive the other person of it by stealing it." It seems quite clear to me that neoconservatives are feeding a voracious mimetic beast. In that mindset, the language of Girard will never be seen as victorious.

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