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Thank you, Dorothy, for including us in your retreat. Just reading your account of your experience and sharing your reflection about your role as spiritual director helped me to enter into that process even though I'm sitting in front of my laptop. I also experience a lot of exclamation of the "why haven't I heard this before?!" variety when I share from a mimetic perspective. Most recently at an event at our Senior Center at which I was concerned that I'd gotten carried away- only to have several elderly folks express bewilderment that in all their years of church they hadn't encountered such obvious sense. The mystique of tradition, especially tradition about scripture, is amazing. Thanks for sharing yourself here- and for the record, perhaps part of the 'director' in spiritual direction involves doing just what you did- directing via new information. I doubt if any lines worth observing were crossed; to work only with what is pre-existing would be to inhibit growth which is certainly the opposite of one's mission in SD. Besides, as I recall, prohibition seldom works to real advantage...


Of course you're right on all counts, Revmo. I'm glad you enjoyed that bit of my retreat and I so appreciate your comments on this blog.

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