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John Mann

Folks over here love an underdog, especially one of their own. By comparison to the Glasgow dialect, she speaks the queen's English. Today as went for my morning newspaper, a headline on one that is not on my reading list declared, "Punters Volunteering to Bed Virgin Susan!"
I think what she has done so effectively in her own way is to demonstrate the mangificent sense of humour that the Scottish people possess. When so much about life is dire, they find a reason to celebrate.

nancy hitt

Watching the judges and audience prepare to hear Susan Boyle sing was a painful exercise in exclusion; the eye-rolling and disgust on the faces of the audience made it clear that this woman was NOT one of them and never would be. The shock when she opened her mouth to sing was one of the most satisfying moments of TV viewing I've had recently as the grounds for excluding her crumbled to dust and the crowd was compelled to respond by embracing her. The judges called attention to the process too, which I found to be helpful. Now I'm waiting to see what the long term outcome is and how long the new-found tolerance for what reminds us all of our unloveliness (Ms. Boyle is not socially sophisticated in the usual marketable sense) will last. Once "handlers" get ahold of her things may change so that she appears to be a less viable scapegoat, which will validate her inclusion by the crowd. I'm not sure, but that may also invalidate our awareness of error in excluding her in the first place, although I hope not. The dumbfounded amazement at her ability, despite her "undesirable" appearance was priceless, and I'd like to keep that awareness as is instead of changing her to justify including her. Time will tell....

michael hardin

I too was stunned, what a beautiful voice. It brought me encouragement that even those of us who live ordinary lives can be recognized for our talents when we offer them up. Blessings to Susan. BTW: if you haven't heard her sing 'Cry Me A River' you should (just google it).

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