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Tom Truby

Well said Nancy. Thank you for expressing my own response when I heard and I heard it on Easter day here in Portland.

Grant Bakewell, Jr.

Thank you for this commentary. Please also see "Democracy Now" broadcast today, Tuesday 4-14 (the third day of the week) which includes a detailed, insightful interview with a Kenyan journalist with respect to (1) the historic acts of radiation and toxic waste dumping off the Somali Coast by "First World" nations, (2) the chronic overfishing of Somali waters by the same, (3) the failure of the world community to hear or heed the pleas of Somali fisherman and coastal residents with respect to this, and (4) the resulting impoverishment, resentment, and despair on the part of many Somalis, leading to their toleration of a "Robin Hood" form of piracy. The journalist interviewed by no means justifies the greed and violence of Somali-based piracy. But he does offer some important reasons as to the economic and cultural conditions which have given rise to such violence, as well as important insight as to what might be done to keep such violence from occurring again in the future. Unfortunately, most of the media thus far seems to treat this as if it were a John Wayne western, rather than a tragic sign of ongoing impoverishment, oppression, and violence against Creation. Invading or bombing Somalia will obviously only further aggravate this ongoing tragedy. Engaging in creative nation-building and economic development with the people of the region, including the "First World" nations, will much more likely save lives--both American, European, and Somali--and likely plant the seeds for a more secure and peaceful future--for their children AND ours.

nancy hitt

Thank-you, Grant, for the additional resources that help round out the picture here. You're right; this has been treated like a John Wayne movie, and clearly it's not that simple. I appreciate the broader picture you've provided; it gives me a very effective teaching tool in regard to the "tangled web we weave" by our own (US) actions in the world. Again, not excusing piracy, but taking responsibility for ourselves.

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