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The music from Les Mis is so beautiful. The song Susan Boyle sung, On My Own (the song the Eponine sings), Bring Him Home, Do You Hear the People Sing? Excellent stuff. I would go see it again if it came to town.


The image of this (forgive me) homely woman with an amazing voice singing about how "life has killed the dream I dreamed" is an extremely powerful one.

Susans story has made people painfully aware of what limitations we put on "unattractive" people. Without the opportunity of "Britans Got Talent" we may never have been able to experience this remarkable woman's music...Life truly would have killed her dream.


Susan, you are without a doubt, a woman sent by God. You are one of the many few that connitue to prove many people wrong, when they look and don’t see what’s inside other than what’s outside and for that I amour you tremendously. Continue holding on and dreaming those dreams. Kyle Mitchell

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