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michael hardin


How very very true! Deny Weaver, at one of Nonviolent Atonement Seminars said to a group "Theology matters!!" I verily reveled in that statement. So thanks for your insistence that we learn to do and continue to think after our God and in that thinking become conformed to the image of Jesus. Blessings!!

nancy hitt

One WOULD think, John...I'm fresh off of the Theology and Peace conference, so I've been thinking a lot about all sorts of things like this lately. In that sense, you're preaching to the choir here, but I still want to go on record with a resounding YES. Yes, we should be thinking and yes, we should be doing, and most of all, yes we should be thinking and doing together and not as an either/or process. The idea that we know all there is to know about the gospel and how to live it out is deeply frightening. It feels dismissive, because if we know all there is to know and don't need to think about it any more, AND if this is as far as we've gotten with it- then there really is no more gospel/good news and we might as well all give up. I am definitely in favor of continuing to use the brains and imagination God gave us to think and dream our way back toward the kingdom of God- or whatever words sum up that image for folks today. "Just doing it" may be a great ad slogan, but it doesn't sustain humanity in real life.


Well, Ben Stein claims those who ivlbeee in Intelligent Design are discriminated against in scientific circles.Some Christians want evolution taught along side of science and Home Economics. What does God have to do with baking a proper cake? Sure, I pray when I am mixing the eggs in but honestly what does science have to do with religion and spirituality? I don't really know.I think some of them are still upset about stem cell research and want their fetuses. Think about how zombies love brains. Scientist love fetuses in the same way.Also many scientists are ********** and want to get married and join the military .Why do we discriminate? We need a lot of scientists in the military to teach the Afghanistanese howwe grew from teeny tiny fish and got legs suddenly.Sometimes I stare in the mirror and imagine myself with fish scales or God only knows what is around the bend. We may grow elephant trunks so we don't have to reach so far to get our Cheetoes during the SuperBowl.I hope this explains everything very clearly.


I found a great quote in my Beth Moore study Jesus, the One and Only we are doing it on Wed. nights. I don't have the quote in front of me but it goes sihtemong like when we truly internalize the Word of God we won't have any trouble externalizing it it will just become natural. I think that's kinda what I got out of your post today. Debbie

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