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Considering that every time I ve flown KLM, they've apparently asgisned people seats at random (thus, for example, breaking up families of five with small children into five different rows) I feel like this is energy invested in exactly the wrong end of the process. I m also wondering how long before a young woman ends up seated next to a stalker for a flight across the Atlantic and what damage that will cause to her, the people around them, and KLM s press image.


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OK Having OK Having viewed you page your clalrey a very strange individual.I assume your not a native english speaker from your exceedingly poor sentence structure.I can only assume that your a chiropractor of some variety, but the bady does have brain memory seriously, you just cant expect people to take that kind of rambling gibberish seriouly.You stick with toggling peoples atlas's and saving humanity in the process, Ill stick with the big bad pharmaceutical thank you very much.


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